Sometimes, I just need some “time off”.  Real Estate is a business that does not have traditional hours and we work seven days a week.  You may know how it feels to find you need time off to de-stress or just be with your family.

Currently, real estate is so fast!  The sellers have to stay on top of the process because the offers can come lightning quick and in multiples.  Then decisions have to be made quickly!  The buyers have to be ready to sprint, at any given moment, to see a new listing before someone else beats them to it.  Whew, what a NOW business!

I know I need to be available to quickly dash or react with my clients.  So what do I do when I want to take time off?

I have been in real estate for, let’s just say, a long time.  My reputation has been built on service and that means availability.  I read a blog in Zurple: Should Real Estate Agents Get The Day Off?  Should you get the day off?  The short answer is of course, YES!  As the blog asks, How?  Here is poster Pacifico “PJ” Ortiz Luis  (edited) suggestions:

How Can I Have a Day Off? There’s So Much To Do!

1.Time Management

If you are able to manage your time effectively, you can afford to have those days off. Organize your day, your week, and your month ahead of time. Now instead of reacting to events as they happen, you can anticipate them and act accordingly or push it into your designated time-slot.

2. Set Office Hours

Add your office hours to your voicemail message, your website and your social media.  Some will say “If you call is received after 8:00 pm, it will be returned the following day”. Be sure to set those boundaries with your clients. It doesn’t tell them you will stop working for them, but that you have a life and they should live theirs too.

3. Include Days Off into Your Weekly Calendar

Most buyers and sellers (possibly your clients) will not need to go to work on weekends. So perhaps set a day off during the week when times are typically slow for you. Does it feel like nobody ever wants to work with you on a Tuesday? Then use Tuesdays as your day off!

4. Hire an Assistant

Sometimes you will get so busy that you may need an extra hand. Take a look at your finances and see if adding an assistant fits into your budget. Remember, your time is money.

5. Utilize Automation

An alternative to an assistant is utilizing automation to provide service to your clients. You may need both automation and an assistant, so you can focus on the high priority tasks. A CRM with good automation can free up so much of your time, that you can even work while on vacation!

Remember, I or my team are always available to talk about Real Estate or run out to a new listing.  Please contact us if you want to learn about your house value, sign up for a free neighborhood report or check out the market.  I am also available to talk about balancing work / life with vacation or staycation!  We just got back from a relaxing trip to Florida.  Ahhhhhhhh!

Now, take time off,


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