Time Management – It’s A Balancing Act

Time Management is a balancing Act. In Real Estate, realtors have to realize that their time is subject to their client’s schedules and the market. If you put systems in place, you can be successful and stay in balance.

The Bob Myers’ Properties Team is working with a high volume and that means there is always something to be done.  In fact, there are usually multiple things that need time and attention.  I’m sure you know the feeling.  When I tried to learn to juggle, I had no idea how many times that “skill” would be required.  If you are like me, this is the case in both your personal life and at work.

I came across a blog called “Time Management Tips for Real Estate Agents” posted by Pacifico “PJ” Ortiz Luis on Zurple the other day.  Zurple is software that some Realtors use to help them with Time Management.  Their four basic tips can be utilized by most people.  I think they may help you organize your schedule so that you can be your most productive.  Here are their abbreviated tips:

Time Management Tips:

1. Create Time Blocks

Block out your day! You can leave a little breathing room for yourself if you are a “go with the flow” type of person, and leave space for freestyle. There are some important tasks that get ignored because you don’t have time for it. If you block out 10-minutes of your day every day for a specific important task, you’ll have an hour+ dedicated to it each week!

2. Prioritize Tasks

Go through your list of important tasks to complete this week, and prioritize them from High, Medium, and Low. To add onto the time block strategy, create blocks for different priorities. Complete all the high priority tasks when you are fully invested in your work, instead of in the beginning of the day before you’ve had your coffee.

3. Set a Specific Time to Check Emails

Another way to rephrase this strategy is “Eliminate Distractions”. Of course emails are important…but you know what? They will still be there 2 hours from now, after you check off your prioritized tasks. Read and respond to your emails in blocks as well, you will thank us for it.

4. Automate Some Tasks

A great way to assist with time management is by removing a few tasks from your schedules. Are there ways you can “automate” some of your tasks?  There is probably an App or Software to help you out.

Frequently, it feels like time is not your own to control.  Your time is precious.  I know I don’t have enough time to help everyone as much as I want, and I always want more time with loved ones.  How do you keep your life in balance and running on time?  I’d love to hear your Time Management tips and tricks.  You can always reply to this video or shoot me an email.  I will definitely take the time to talk to you!

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