Texting To Communicate Is Changing Client’s “Textpectations”

Client “textpectations” are changing and therefore, texting is becoming a favorite method of communication.  Because Real Estate deals frequently move so fast, my buyers and sellers want immediate information.  I can’t always phone or email, but most of the time I can briefly and succinctly text.


Communication is vital to a successful real estate transaction, but when houses are flying off the market, how can you keep up?  We now conduct much of our transaction electronically, including contracts.  If we want to stay on top of the game we have to move quickly.  Texting has become one of the preferred tools due to the ability to contact and receive more immediate response.

Texting To Communicate

Texting is considered to be permission based, so we like to use it only if our clients approve.  We make sure we are informed of all our buyers’ and sellers’ preferred methods of communication.  Currently, texting is the 2nd most popular communication method after email.  Also, consumers respond more quickly to texts than other types of communication.  My industry friend Anastasia Turner with Homes Services Lending LLC recently sent me an interesting email about consumer textpectations.  It includes a new study “Great TEXTpectations: The Text Messaging Playbook for Sellers“.  You can link to her email: How Text Messaging Improves the Consumer Experience.  It is a great, timely read!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about real estate, your home’s value or to obtain your free neighborhood report.  Real Estate is my favorite topic and you can communicate with me via text, phone call or email.

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