Write This Down, Paper Is Today’s Technology Solution

Technology is supposed to make our life easier, but sometimes it can weigh us down. Paper may be the solution and is often necessary. Today, therefore, I present a brief tutorial on paper solutions and check writing.

Some of us grew up “old school” with pen (or #2 pencil) and paper.  We were judged by our penmanship and took joy in receiving an actual long letter.  I want you to reconsider all the technology and apps that are supposed to make us more productive.  Sometimes we are overwhelmed by all our notifications and self-imposed app driven systems.  I’m getting anxious just writing about it.  Let’s get back to basics and see what happens.   I’m sharing my (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) check writing tutorial.  As a result of recent experiences, I have learned that some people need to see this:

Checkbook (paper not electronic) Basics (when buying / selling a house)

Why have a checkbook?

  • You need a check to write your earnest deposit.
  • If you have your house in a trust, you need a trust fund checkbook.  That is where your funds will be wired when you sell that house.

Check writing 101

  • Of course, you need to write in the correct date, because all documents are time sensitive.
  • In cursive (extra points), write the name of the institution where the funds will be deposited on the “Pay to” line.  It will be a Real Estate Company or Title Company.
  • In the numeric amount box, write the full dollar figure including decimal point and any cents since accuracy is critical.
  • On the alphabetic amount line, you will spell out the amount of dollars with words.  Again, use cursive.  For cents, write the figure with a slash over 100 (i.e. 65/100 = .65 cents).  Be certain your numeric amount box and your alphabetic amount line are the same, because they will go by the alpha line if there is a difference.
  • On the memo line, write “E.D.” or “earnest deposit” and the address of the house the deposit applies to so your processor does not wonder what the check is for. (i.e. E.D. 11335 Happy Hollow Street, Perfect Village, MO)
  • Sign your name (yes, in cursive).

Fun Podcast From Michael Hyatt (paperless, but about paper)

In this podcast, Michael discusses The Most Overlooked Productivity Solution – Paper.  I think you will find something valuable in this talk, and in addition he is a clever guy.  In this particular episode they cover:

  • Discover five surprising benefits of writing with pen and paper
  • Learn the brain science behind handwriting and increased productivity
  • Hear from David Sax, author of The Revenge of Analog, on why non-digital solutions are making a comeback
  • Identify the specific situations in which writing on paper will boost your productivity

 Journals (bound paper)

Finally, do you like taking notes in a journal.  Do you use a diary journal?  If so, contact me.  I would love to give you a paper journal.  You can always use one as a house buying or selling tool.

Whatever productivity tool you prefer, remember this … in fact get out some paper and write this advice down.  Get ready to get ready.  The prep work is often the hard step, but always key to the outcome.  I have done some of the work for you if you are buying or selling your house.  I am happy to share my notes with you, just let me know.  Call, text, email or write me a note on paper.

Paper is making a comeback.  Old school is cool!


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