10 Tip Plan For Moving Pets

 Bella is our 7 year old labradoodle and she sure is a barometer of what’s going on in our household.  Pets recognize and react to changes at home like stress, remodeling, packing, home showings and an abundance of strangers.  While, moving is challenging for everyone, for pets, it is life changing.   But, fearless reader, there is a “Moving Pets Plan”.

Moving Pets by Bella

Bella’s Moving Plan

10 Moving Pets Tips For Fido or Fluffy (and you!)

1.  Visit the Vet

Your veterinarian can pave the way for a smooth transition for you and your pet.  They know your animal and its health history, so ask them about techniques or medicine that will help when moving pets.  Also be sure to get your pet’s medical records and ask if they have a vet recommendation at your new location.  If you need a specialist for pet anxiety,  I can personally recommend local animal behavior consultant Dr. Wayne Hunthausen.

2.  Take Time to Tag and Microchip

Moving can be chaotic, so be sure your pet can be found if it is accidentally let out or bolts outside. Make sure pet collars are in place with up-to-date contact information.  This is also a great time to consider a microchip if you have not done so before.  If your pet is already microchipped, update the chip registry with the correct contact information.

3.  Creature Comforts

This time of transition is going to disquiet almost all pets. Create a comfortable refuge for yours.  Make sure you have an appropriate carrier and prepare it to calm and soothe pet nerves.  Consider putting the carrier out fully outfitted with any bedding and a favorite toy prior to moving.  This can allow them to get acclimated to this special spot.

4.  Have a Moving Day Pet Plan

Moving day can be mayhem, so make arrangements for your pet to be pampered off-site if possible. Make arrangements with family or friends or book a “doggie day out” or “kittie spa”.  If that is not possible, create a quiet zone in a closed room with their favorite toys and bed.

5.  Pack a Pet Kit Bag

Be sure to “pack a bag” for your pet with all the necessary food, toys and supplies. Include their normal food and snacks, leashes, pet bowls and water.  It is also wise to consider motion sickness or anxiety and pack medications, plastic bags and wet wipes for messes.  It is also a good idea to have a clear photo of your pet just in case someone goes on an unplanned walk.  Extra points if you include grooming supplies.  For goodness sake, do not forget the poop bags!

6.  Travel Itinerary

Well in advance of your move, be sure to consider your method of transportation and any overnight accommodations. If you are flying, research your airlines regulations in regard to pet transport.  It is critical that you confirm that your hotel will allow your pet.  It is not easy to sneak a big dog past the front desk!

7.  It’s the Law!

Research the pet laws and regulations for your new neighborhood. You will need to know leash laws, vaccination requirements and licensing regulations.  Don’t forget to ask about dog parks and pet parades.

8.  A Space Of Their Own

It may take them awhile to acclimate to their new surroundings, so create them a familiar sanctuary. Include their bedding, bowls, litter box or potty pads, and toys.

9.  Take a Walk

If you have a dog or that rare on-leash cat, get out and get acquainted with the neighborhood. Regular fun walks will do you both a world of good!

10.  Pet Service Providers

There are a few industry “moving pets” specialists that may help you and your pet through the move, and ultimately make reentry into home life easier. Pet Relocation Service providers  like petrelocation.com can guide you through the entire moving process.  Pet Sitters can help care for your furry friends when you are busy with the move. Dog Walkers can exercise dogs to help burn off excess energy and anxiety.


We can underestimate how tough moving is on our pets.  They are very routine based and environmentally sensitive.  A relocation is a serious change of pace.  They will leave behind their favorite trees, buried bones and window perches.  If you put together a thoughtful moving plan, remain patient and institute a pet welcome program at your new house; you all will settle into your new “pad” comfortably.

You can always call, email or text if you need help developing your and your pet’s moving plan.  I know you love your pet companions as much as I do, so move them with care!


Bob Myers & Bella

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Happy trails – Bella!

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