Your Gut Knows – Trust Your Instinct When Buying A House

I visited the Kauffman Memorial Garden the other day.  The events of the weekend had really knocked the wind out of me and I needed to recharge.  The gardens truly are a haven for introspection.  As I soaked up the sun and the healthy plant oxygen, I considered the incredible power of instinct.

Take a moment to think

In the past week, members of our family were battling a natural disaster, our granddaughter broke her arm and my client decided at the eleventh hour not to put an offer what seemed like a great house.  I knew, eventually,the flood waters would subside and the arm would heal.  I also knew, that a better house would soon be on the market for my client.  Within the calm, soothing space of the main building, I reflected on the the power of “the gut”.  You really have to listen and Trust Your Instinct.

Consider the facts AND listen to your gut instinct

As I have often said, buying a house is an emotional roller coaster.  You will spend many hours determining your wish list and preparing your financial records.  Then you research and review listings, often arriving too late in this fast market.  Once you find a solid prospective house, you tour it and consider it against your list of needs.  Finally, you absorb the feeling of the house and try to picture your family living there.  That is when you should dial in to your instinct.  What does your gut tell you?  If you have reservations, pause.  Work through your concerns and then make your decision.  Remember you choose a house with your heart, but you buy it with your brain.


You can always talk to the Bob Myers Properties team about your house buying or selling concerns.  We are happy to help you identify your wish list, your need list and to help you work through your concerns.  We put together the Buyers Road Map to help you navigate the wild ride of buying a house.  You can count on our help with the logistics and details.  You can count on your instinct to make the final decision.

Thinking it through,

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