Find A Modern House Before Everyone Else With 3 Tips

Have you been doing the Modern Dash?  You know what I mean, you see a Modern house listing and hurry to go tour it only to discover it is already under contract.  Trust me, you are not the only one who wants to find a modern house before everyone else.

Modern houses, especially MCM (midcentury modern), sell fast.  There are often bidding wars on these desirable listings.  It has been said that there is a bit of a modern house black market.  I am frequently asked by both buyers and realtors how to find a modern house before everyone else.  I just sold the most recent Don Drummond MCM house on the Kansas City market.  While I was there, I thought I would share a few of my tips with you.



Bob Myers 3 Tips To Find A Modern House Before Everyone Else

Get The Right Realtor

Find a realtor that really knows the modern market.  In the metro Kansas City area there are a few realtors who qualify as experts with modern experience, knowledge and connections.  If you hope to land the modern of your dreams, this is a crucial component.  Your agent should thoroughly know the modern market in your area, understand modern architecture, and be able to share details specific to modern homes.  A critical asset is that your agent has to have solid connections with the local modern network.  That can mean they know about modern houses before they even go on the market.  You have a much better chance to find a modern house before everyone else!

Use Specific Search Criteria

When searching on-line, narrow your search criteria to key points.  I look daily at what is listed on our MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  On our local MLS, there is not a specific category for Modern Houses or MCM.  I search for features that are common in modern houses in my area.  For example, I may search for houses built in the 1950’s with vaulted ceilings.  You can also search in a specific neighborhood.

Knock Knock

If you find the neighborhood you want to live in or a specific house you want to own, start knocking.  Just go up to the door, knock on it and ask to introduce yourself.  It is fortuitous if you drive by and happen to catch the homeowner in the yard or driveway.  Take a few minutes and explain why you want to live in that neighborhood and why you love that house.  Be sure and have your contact information ready to leave with them.  I knock on doors for my clients and to understand the modern market.  Finding a modern takes a lot of “leg work”, but it can be rewarding.


I love modern houses, live in one myself and completely understand why people want to own one.  Finding a modern house before everyone else presents quite a challenge and can be frustrating.  Prepare yourself with knowledge, effective search techniques, persistence and a GREAT modern realtor.  I am available anytime to talk about modern homes and modern in Kansas City.  Visit our modern website Modern Kansas City Home to see modern listings.  Check out our modern facebook site for listings, information and general modern stuff.

Here’s to finding a modern house before everyone else,


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