7 Tasks To Getting Ready!

My last few posts focused on buyers.  This week, it’s about selling.  Let’s talk about 7 tasks that you should tackle when you are getting ready to get ready!

As a seller, you only get one chance to wow a buyer and / or a buyer’s agent.  Their first impression is critically important.  You want the buyers to not find reasons to deduct from the price they are willing to pay.  Every flaw, every chip, every mechanical problem equals a deduction to your net sum.  My sources over at Inman suggest that all agents help their buyers prepare their houses.  They posted this guide which I think is very helpful.

So, as I like to say if you are getting ready to get ready, here are 7 tasks to get you started.

7 Tasks To Getting Ready

#1 Pump up the Curb Appeal

The squirrels may get Bella’s attention, but that’s not all your buyers will see.  Take a look at your property and house exterior from the curb.  What do you see?  Buyers want to see a well manicured yard, freshly mulched beds, pops of color or healthy green plants and no unruly bushes.  Next look for peeling paint, spider webs and worn out light fixtures and hardware.  Make their initial impression a powerful YES moment.

#2 Book A Date With Your HVAC Service Company

This all important mechanical system is one that will be inspected.  Make sure your HVAC has been serviced and cleaned.  This is a preventative maintenance measure that will pay off.

#3 Throw Some Light On The Situation

Check all your light bulbs and light fixtures, inside and outside.  Your house will look better with the lights on.  This will also demonstrate to buyers, agents and inspectors that the lights are in working order.  While you are checking bulbs, take the time to remove any bug parts and dust or wash the fixtures.

#4 Smokey The Bear Says…

Make sure all your smoke detectors have fresh batteries and are in good working order.  You may have pulled a battery out the last time you burned the bacon.  An inspector will definitely call out any smoke detectors that are not in service.

#5 Don’t Let Paint Nicks Chip Away At Your Asking Price.

Do an intensive survey of the interior of your home.  Look for any nicks or scratches on the walls or moldings.  Inman suggests marking all these problem areas with blue painters tape.  Repair and paint away all those deductions to your asking price.  This is a simple way to keep buyers from using their erasers on their price sheet.

#6 Spic and Span

Consider that your house is a product.  You have to show it off to its best advantage.  Foremost, you must deep clean and declutter.  Everything must be, to quote my mother, “spic and span”.  This may be a good time to hire someone experienced in deep cleaning.  Every surface must be thoroughly cleaned, another quote, “top to bottom”.  To a buyer, if the house is sparkly clean, then you must really take care of it.

As you are cleaning, pack up most of the extraneous small items that are around the house, another quote, “the flotsam and jetsam”.  Remember, you are moving anyway, so go ahead and pack them now.  Let buyers see your house and its features, not your personal stuff.

#7 Razzle Dazzle Them With The Garage

This space is often overlooked by sellers, but can be a signal about the house’s real condition.  Ideally, the garage should be tidy, organized and have room to walk through it.  Inspectors will want to see the walls and foundation.  Imagine a buyer’s delight if “even the garage” looks great!  Extra points if the floors are painted or have an epoxy finish.


Buyers and their agents will absolutely respond positively to a house they believe has been well cared for.  A preemptive plan on your part will yield amazing results for you.  Your selling experience will be smoother, you will be more prepared to move and the results on the bottom line at closing could be significantly more satisfying.

Whether it’s 2 days or 2 weeks or 2 years away, I can help you put together a plan to get your house ready.  We can walk around your property and through your house.  We will look with a buyer’s eye and with today’s buyer’s expectations in order to fine-tune your proactive plan.  Call me, email or text anytime.  In the meantime, these 7 tasks are a great start.

Here’s to getting ready to get ready!


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