5 Features Millennials Want In Their Home

Real Estate is being revolutionized by a certain segment of our population – Millennials.  Like every generation, they have their own style and establish new trends.  So, what are the Features Millennials Want in their home?

Recently, I held an open house to share my latest listing with other agents.  I arrived a little early and took a few minutes to take in the stunning skyline view and share the features millennials want and how this oasis of cool is perfect for them.

By the way, if you want to see more of this hip urban town home check out its website.

5 Features Millennials Want


Millennials are among those that fully embrace urban life.  Downtown, with its convenient work, live and play lifestyle is booming with this generation.

Easy care, less maintenance

Many times, millennials are moving from a rental, so low maintenance may be a priority.  A town home or condo can perfectly address home ownership while being easy care.


One of the hottest new trends and features that millennials want, is a high walkability score.  This group wants to be able to walk to their favorite grocery, restaurant, dog park or gym.

Diverse Neighborhood

The world is changing and one of the features that millennials want is diversity.  They want to enjoy neighbors and neighborhoods full of a variety of people, lifestyles and economic levels.


Who doesn’t want to live is a cool house like this?


After I got back to the office, I saw a ReeceNichols post about 5 Ways Millennials Are Changing Real Estate.  I thought you might enjoy learning how this mighty generation is impacting Real Estate.  This is important information to consider if you are considering selling a house and hope to attract these buyers.

I am keeping up with all the Real Estate trends, buyers and sellers.  Let me know if you want to talk about your house, neighborhood or the market in general.  It’s my favorite topic!

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