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Historic Homes

Take a tour of some of Kansas City’s beautiful historic homes. Step back in time as they show what life was like in Kansas City during the 19th Century and early 20th Century...

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Kansas City and It's Neighborhoods

10 Reasons to Live in Kansas City!

Kansas City is a boomtown when it comes to the tech industry, ranking third in the country for tech job growth in 2013, with a 3.8% increase in tech job openings. Kansas City has the fastest internet bandwidth on the earth thanks to Google Fiber. Google likes Kansas City, it was the first city out of 1,100 to be selected for their "fiberhood" network, which operates at 1 gigabyte per second. Kansas City stood out because the startup community is creative and robust. Being part of the Silicone Prairie allows Kansas City to be on the cutting edge of several emerging technologies and businesses. In addition, there is rich heritage and infrastructure to support entrepreneurs. Forbes magazine ranked Kansas City the 7th best downtown locale.

You've heard of Kansas City barbeque – slow and smoked style. Every time a US President visits, Kansas City barbeque finds it's way to Air Force One. There are a wide variety of tastes and styles for foodies to try all around the city...

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